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“The GLASS Mentorship Program has been a tremendous resource for me in my short time on the Hill. I’ve been connected with an entirely new network of people that work in the Senate. The program is all about giving you an opportunity to be yourself, ask honest questions, and learn how to get a leg-up on working in the Senate.” — GLASS Mentee, Summer 2012

 Mission Statement: The GLASS Caucus’s professional development programming seeks to enhance members’ career development and assist participants in navigating the unique issues that LGBT community members may confront in their careers at the United States Senate. These programs also aim to reinforce a sense of community among members of the GLASS Caucus while enhancing the skills and career prospects of its participants.

The Mentorship and Connections programs provide members with opportunities to meet and establish relationships with staff who can provide personalized one-on-one career advice.  Both programs are open to Senate staff who are dues-paying members of GLASS, and Senate interns are invited to participate at no cost.

Please use our online application forms to apply as a mentor or as a mentee to our Mentorship or Connections programs.

While there are no formal requirements, GLASS offers two distinct professional development opportunities that cater to the professional needs of all participants.

The Mentorship Program is aimed at providing Senate staff who are members of GLASS and who are relatively new to Capitol Hill with the opportunity to establish a one-on-one relationship with a more experienced staff member in the hope of fostering mutual professional development.  Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet at least five times over the course of a year in order to build a relationship over the long-term.  Participants would ideally fit the following descriptions:

      • Mentees: Senate staff and dues-paying GLASS members who have spent less than two years on Capitol Hill, with any work experience, area of interest, or potential career path. This is not limited to junior staff (Staff Assistants, etc.) – all job levels are welcome to apply.
      • Mentors: LGBT-friendly seasoned professionals who have worked in the Senate or on Capitol Hill for at least two years. This could range from Staff Assistant all the way to Chief of Staff.  Senior-level staff are strongly encouraged to participate.

The Connections Program is geared toward Senate interns and individuals whose time in the Senate is more short-term (fellows, detailees, etc.).  Connections Program participants are paired with Senate staff who can provide LGBT-specific insight and advice about pursuing more permanent career opportunities on Capitol Hill.  Participants are encouraged to meet at least twice over the course of their time in the Senate (e.g., summer internship) and would ideally fit the following descriptions:

      • Mentees: Senate interns and other staff who are interested in learning more about career opportunities on Capitol Hill and whose time in the Senate has a specific beginning and end date.
      • Mentors: LGBT-friendly Senate staff who feel they can offer actionable career advice and encouragement to those seeking permanent opportunities in the Senate. Again, this could range from Staff Assistant all the way to Chief of Staff, although more junior-level staff may be better suited for this role, as their job-searching experiences tend to be less far removed than those of more senior-level staff.

Participants in the Mentorship Program are paired on a rolling basis.  Participants in the Connections Program are generally paired during the spring, summer, and fall terms, as these tend to be the most common timelines for Senate internships.

For more information, please see the Professional Development FAQ about professional development opportunities through GLASS, or contact our Professional Development Coordinator Joseph Lindblad at

Ready to apply?  Please use our online application forms to apply as a mentor or as a mentee to our Mentorship or Connections programs.

“My experience as a mentor has been rewarding. I have worked with my mentee on resume building and practice interviews.  We meet once a week or so over coffee or lunch and I look forward to our meetings. I am pleased that GLASS has grown into such an active, vibrate part of the Senate community that we are able to provide this valuable resource.” – GLASS Mentor, Summer 2012


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