In March 2004, several Senate staffers initiated a one-of-a-kind staffer organization  – a gay, lesbian and allies Senate staff caucus. In organizing the Caucus, they felt that an organization focused on the professional development and social networking of gay and lesbian employees would help bring greater, more positive visibility of gay and lesbian issues to the Senate community and create a more positive environment for LGBT+ staffers.

GLASS founding Steering Committee members: Lynden Armstrong, Brett Bearce, Jeffrey Levensaler, Josh Brekenfeld, Jason Knapp, John Fossum, Kelsey Phipps. Not pictured: Mat Young

Special Thanks to Past GLASS Steering Committee Members For Their Service:

Alex Levy
Andrea Friedhoff
Andrew Ott
Annie Walden-Newman
Brett Bearce
Brian Conlan
Christina Baumgardner
Chris Brown
Cory Claussen
Dan Flave-Novak
Derek Dorn
Jackson Droney
Jake McCook
Jason Knapp
Jeannie Biniek
Jeffrey Levensaler
Joaquin Esquivel
John Assini
John Fossum
John Vezina
Jonathan Gilad
Josh Brekenfeld
Josh Karetny
Josh Yearsley
Kelsey Phipps
Laura Erickson Hatalsky
Lynden Armstrong
Madeline Bermes
Malaika Robinson
Mat Young
Michael Dinapoli
Michael Thorning
Miguel Ayala
Renan Snowden
Ty Wesley Cobb

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