2014 GLASS Steering Committee Election

Per GLASS bylaws and standing orders, the 2014 GLASS Steering Committee election will begin February 13 and conclude February 19. All GLASS members who are Senate employees and are current on their dues by Saturday, February 8, at midnight will be eligible to vote for the seven (7) open positions on the committee. Members will receive an electronic ballot via the email address they used to pay membership dues.

Seven (7) candidates declared their candidacy to serve on the Steering Committee for the 2014-2015 term. You can view the candidates and their statements here.

The bylaws require that the Secretary and a “Member who is not a Director” – herein referred to as the Election Witness – count the ballots and announce the election results after balloting has ended.  The election shall be conducted online.


January 9: 2014 Membership drive begins. Dues are only $10 (normally $20)

February 5: Deadline to declare candidacy.

February 7: Last day to register to vote in person.

February 8: Last day to register to vote online.

February 13: Balloting begins.

February 19: Balloting ends at midnight.

February 20: Secretary and Election Witness meet in the morning to tally ballots and report results to the GLASS membership.

Late February: Transition meeting for new and outgoing Steering Committee members.

First Week of March: 2014 GLASS Steering Committee meets.

Questions? Please email john@glasscaucus.org


Ballot Design/Testing: The Secretary shall work with the webmaster to design a ballot that is secure and accurate so that the results when tabulated reflect the will of the members. Ballot order shall be randomly determined. Also, the ballot shall be “locked” so that no one views the results until balloting is complete and so that each member can only vote once.

Election Witness: This Member shall serve as witness to the certification of election results. This member cannot be a current director or be running in the election. Also, the Secretary shall disclose to the Election Witness information he receives regarding candidacy declarations and alternative ballot requests.

Registering to Vote: Members must pay their 2014 dues by February 8th to be considered registered to vote in the election. Paying dues may be done online or in person to the Treasurer.

Declaring Candidacy: Members may declare their candidacy by announcing their intentions to the Secretary by February 5th. They should also include what office they work in and a short paragraph that explains their reasons for running to the membership. The paragraphs will be used for the ballot.

Voting Online: All members will receive an e-mail at the start of balloting that includes the list of candidates and their candidacy statement. The e-mail will include a link to the official ballot and will allow members to select up to nine candidates for placement on the board.

Tallying Votes: The morning after the election, the Secretary and Election Witness shall view the results of the online vote and tally any paper ballots. The seven candidates with the most votes will be declared the winners.

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