Candidates: 2014 GLASS Steering Committee Election

The following seven (7) candidates declared their candidacy to serve on the Steering Committee for the 2014-2015 term.

Madeline Bermes
Office: Senator Jon Tester

I am very interested in becoming a member of the Steering Committee for the Senate GLASS Caucus. I admire the organization’s commitment to raise awareness of the different issues for the LGBT community as well as provide a safe environment for friendship, professional development and social interaction for US Senate employees. I have some great ideas for the next year including a Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event. In addition, as a straight female, I understand the importance of reaching out to other communities in order to increase and diversify participation in the group. Should I become a member of the Steering Committee, I would like to actively work on women’s outreach and women’s issues. In all, I’m happy to have the opportunity to be a member of such an esteemed organization and would be honored to be a member of the Steering Committee.

Brian Conlan
Office: Senator Tammy Baldwin

This is my first time running for the GLASS Steering Committee. Working with two Steering Committee members over the past year (Michael and Jeffrey) has given me insight into all the great work the organization does from mentoring to awareness to outreach. I have worked for Senator Baldwin since 2010 and in that time have gotten to know a good deal of the LGBT Capitol Hill community. As an ally, I feel that I could bring a unique perspective to a community that I have relied on for advice and support (in addition to inspiration and fun). I look forward to being active in the mentorship program and working to expand and improve similar career-oriented activities like the resume workshops and senior staff panels.

Laura Erickson Hatalsky
Office: Democratic Policy and Communications Committee

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to be a better Senate gay. Some may be dedicated to fitness, striving to lose a few extra pounds, or dropping a dress size… but not me. I’ve worked here long enough that its past time I gay-it-up, contribute to our community, and get to know all of you. If I am lucky enough to serve on the Steering Committee, I’d hope to bring more women into the GLASS community. You might think it’ll be easy because all lesbians know each other, but I expect this to be quite the uphill challenge since “my people” are known for sitting at home with their girlfriends, talking incessantly about their cats, and wistfully remembering episodes of The L Word from days gone by. Surely, this is the time that all of my younger years at Phase One, attending Indigo Girls’ concerts, and DC-lesbian-socializing will finally come in handy. Truthfully, I sincerely hope that more women will find their way to GLASS happy hours, but mostly, I’d hope to grow our LGBTQ Senate community just by having events that you would enjoy.

Congratulations to the GLASS Caucus (and the Steering Committee) on all your growth over the past few years, which I hope we can continue to build on. It’s made the Senate a better place for all of us gays. And many thanks to you for reading my little paragraph and giving my words some thought.

Adam Henderson
Office: Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

I’ve been a Senate employee for a little over 4 years. Throughout my tenure I’ve attended several GLASS events and have benefited from them immensely. It’s time I contributed back. My goal is to further the objectives of the Caucus by strengthening its membership and members. Eager to contribute new ideas and support for the educational, professional, and social development of the GLASS family. The Caucus has been good to me and now it’s time to return the favor.

Julian Miller
Office: Senator Dick Durbin

I’d like to join the GLASS Steering Committee because GLASS was very helpful in my transition into working on the Hill. As I have only been working in the Senate for less than a year, I would like to have the opportunity to become more involved, and know that the Glass Steering Committee would be a great way to do that.

Andrew Ott
Office: Senate Chief Counsel for Employment

I would be honored to contribute my time and efforts as a member of the GLASS Steering Committee for the 2014 term. I have worked for the Secretary of the Senate since December 2011 and it has been a privilege to begin my career in public service during such an exciting time for the LGBT movement. I am a newcomer to GLASS and look forward to serving in whatever capacity I can to further the four pillars in our mission statement and make the Senate a more welcoming place to work. I am confident that my energy and enthusiasm will be a great asset to the Steering Committee as we work to advance equality and foster a greater sense of community amongst the diverse people that work here. I am especially interested in increasing membership in Senate offices that GLASS has not traditionally drawn from and reaching out to partner with other staff associations and LGBT organizations. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting you.

Michael Thorning
Office: Senator Tom Udall

I’m running to serve on the GLASS board because I want to help the organization fulfill its potential to enrich our professional experiences, deepen our connections and networks, and provide resources and support for all members. During the last year, I helped GLASS organize community service projects, and in the next year, I would seek out more experiences for members that go beyond your normal happy-hour. In the year ahead, I would work toward hosting social events with an expanded network of D.C. professionals, providing resources to help members take the next steps in their careers, and offering briefings on a wider variety of LGBT related issues. Finally, I’d like to help GLASS engage more of its members so we can fulfill our responsibility to raise awareness of issues affecting the LGBT community.

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