GLASS Launches New Communication Tools, Resources for LGBT Senate Staff

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2012
Contact: Jake McCook, GLASS Communications Director

WASHINGTON, DC – Today the Gay, Lesbian and Allies Senate Staff (GLASS) Caucus proudly announced enhanced resources and communication tools are now available to its members and community supporters.

Launched today, GLASS’s new website, and Facebook Fan Page,, will provide background information on the organization and the resources it provides to Senate staff. It will also allow users to stay up-to-date with GLASS events, activities and opportunities through social media. Integrated into the tools are GLASS’s email newsletter, calendar, and blog so members can interact with the organization using their preferred method of communication.

Launching the enhanced communication tools, which were developed over the course of several months, is a milestone in the organization’s history.

“With this launch, we are proud to share the great work of GLASS online just as we do among our Senate colleagues in person. For us, this is a coming out in a 21st century kind of way,” said Jake McCook, GLASS Communications Director.

Founded in 2004 by LGBT employees of the United States Senate, GLASS is non-partisan staff association whose mission is to increase visibility and promote the welfare and dignity of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Senate employees.

“As a founding member of GLASS, it gives me a great sense of pride to see the organization grow and fulfill its original mission,” said Jeffrey Levensaler, a Co-Chair of GLASS. “I am pleased we are able to provide a safe, professional forum for LGBT staff while individually contributing our talents to the Senate community.”

Today GLASS is a burgeoning group of Senate employees from personal, committee and support offices. It has a strong tradition of non-partisanship, as its members come from Democratic, Republican, Independent and non-designated offices, with diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, geographic location and sexual orientation.

“We are a diverse community brought together by a common mission,” said GLASS Co-Chair Jackson Droney.  “We’re excited by the opportunities these new communications tools will create for our members.”

In addition to the interactive tools, GLASS will offer key professional development opportunities for LGBT Senate staff. The organization recently began facilitating a Membership Program which will provide its members with personalized, one-one-one career advice. The program seeks to help staff navigate the unique issues that LGBT individuals confront while working in the Senate, advance the skills of its members, and reinforce a sense of community among GLASS Caucus members.

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About GLASS:

The Gay, Lesbian, and Allies Senate Staff (GLASS) Caucus is a non-profit, non-partisan organization open to all whose purpose is to raise awareness of issues affecting the LGBT community, increase visibility and promote the welfare and dignity of LGBT employees of the United States Senate by providing a safe environment for social interaction and professional development.


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